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Protect Your Eyes. Improve Your Sleep. Perform At Your Best.

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Eliminate eye strain, get deeper, more rejuvenating sleep and improve your focus with Cryptorays.


Choose between our most popular styles or any of our exclusive, ultra high quality blue light filtering glasses.

Calibers in Ocean Reef

CALIBERs in ocean reef

Classic Pros Day Style

Classic Pros Day Style

LUX in Champagne to Sky Blue

LUX in Champagne to Sky Blue

Worn by athletes, traders, students, developers, gamers, entrepreneurs and others who want to reduce digital eye strain and optimize their productivity, focus and sleep.

Why Cryptorays?

Protect Your Eyes

Reduce or eliminate eye-strain and tired eyes caused by blue light. Relaxed eyes equals better focus.

Improve Your Sleep

Blue light blocks your sleep hormone melatonin. Wear Cryptorays to block blue light so your body produces melatonin naturally how it's supposed to and you get better quality sleep.

Perform At Your Best

Less eye strain and eye fatigue plus better quality sleep means that you will have greater focus and clarity, allowing you to perform at your best.


You're in front of a computer or phone screen for the majority of the day and night. Computer and phone screens emit harmful blue light that disrupt sleep, cause eye strain, and lead to hormonal imbalances. 


Wear Cryptorays to prevent blue light from entering your eyes. Work and play without experiencing the harmful effects of blue light; not just from your phone and computer, but from ALL sources. Experience better sleep and more productivity. Reduce or eliminate eye strain and blue light related headaches. Feel better, make better decisions and perform at your best.

Love everything about them.

Everything from the packaging to the style to the function of these glasses is high quality. I wear my Cryptorays every day and night. 

Kevin, USA, 5 Star Review

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