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Are you an influencer?

Do you have a large following?

If you have engaging fans, you're eligible to be a Cryptoray's Ambassador!

What you'll get as a Cryptoray's Ambassador:

1. Glasses for 15% off plus an additional 20% commission from anyone who uses your link for a purchase.

*Special discounts apply for those with higher following counts.

25k-50k = 20% off + 20% commission.

50k-75k = 25% off + 20% commission.

75k-100k = 30% off + 20% commission.

Over 100k followers, we'll send you a pair for free + 20% commission.

What you'll need to do as an ambassador:

1. Post 1 promotional photo on your feed within 30 days of receiving the glasses with a story either linking to your post or promoting Cryptorays. You can talk about how they help you, what you like about them, or really anything as long as it's promoting Cryptorays. Should have a swipe up in your story to your affiliate page and a product link in your bio for 24 hours after your photo.

2. Have 1 promotional post late November for our Black Friday sale. (we understand that you'll most likely have your own sales going on around this time, so you won't need to have a link in your bio for this one).

3. Allow us to use your photos on our instagram page and/or website. If your photo is good enough, we'll ask you if we can use it for promotions and ads. 

If you think you'll be a good fit, join below and contact us on instagram.