Are you an influencer?

Do you have a large following?

If you have engaging fans, you're eligible to be a Cryptoray's Ambassador!

What are the requirements?

Just have over 10k followers and engaging fans! This is because the "swipe up" feature is activated at 10k. 

What you'll get as a Cryptoray's Ambassador:

⭐ 1 Free pair of Cryptorays.

⭐Unique code that gives 10% off to anyone who uses it.

⭐ 20% commission from every sale that comes from your affiliate link.

⭐ 1 Free pair for every 10 pairs sold (to give as gifts or for personal use).

⭐ Bonuses as you sell more pairs through your link. 

What you'll need to do as an ambassador in order to get your free pair:

1. Take 2 pictures to use on instagram. You can post these as separate posts spread out over a year, or you can clump them both together into one post with both pics in the single post. One of the pictures has to be a selfie or a picture of someone wearing the glasses. The other one can also be a selfie/someone wearing them, or it can be one just showing off the glasses. You can get creative as you want with this one.

You just have to tag @cryptorays in the post and have the hashtag #cryptorays as part of your hashtags (some creators don't use hashtags for their posts. If that's you, you won't have to add a hashtag).

2. Either share your pictures as a story or create a new story.

Just share the pictures you make so that it’s part of your story (most people do this for all of their pictures because it increases engagement). Or you can create a story from scratch. Either way is good. It's just always a good idea to have a story and include a swipe up feature to the website on your story or put a link in your bio. If you really like the glasses it is better and it would be awesome if you create a "testimonial" type story where you share your thoughts and let people know you like them and think they look good and any benefit you got from them (like less sore eyes/easier to look at the computer screen/better sleep quality/etc. etc.). Here's an example: 

3. The last thing is that you allow us to use your content to help market cryptorays. We'd love to repost your content and share your page with our audience to help you grow even more.

If you think you'll be a good fit, join below and contact us on instagram.


Here are some examples of what people have done.

 Picture/Post 1 (selfie)

Picture 2/Post (creative with his adorable dog)

(He shared each post in his story)

Picture/Post 1 (Selfie)

blue blockers

Picture/Post 2 (creative video)

blue blocking glasses

(She shared the first picture in her story, and for the video she made it in her story and shared it as her second post)

Picture 1 (Selfie)

anti blue light glasses

Picture 2 (creative showoff of glasses)

blueblocking glasses

Here’s an example of a selfie for the first picture and then a product shot for the second picture.

Both of these posts were shared for the stories. 

Picture 1 (Selfie)


Picture 2 (creative with a friend)

blue light

For his creative 2nd photo, he took a shot with his friend. They also got creative with their story. They shared both their posts as stories and created a new story which they kept as a story but didn’t post to their feed. We ended up using his creative story as an ad.


Selfies don’t have to be over the top or staged like these ones. They can literally just be a car selfie like this if you want.

blue blocking glasses   

If you think you'll be a good fit, join below and contact us on instagram.