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perfect for sleep

I wear these every single night about 2 hours before bedtime and my sleep has improved drastically. Highly recommend.

Great support

Bought a pair which were great. It ended up getting scratched and customer support (Louis) was able to replace them for me for just the cost of shipping. Awesome glasses and awesome customer care too.


This cleaning kit is pretty much required if you want to keep your glasses totally clear and free of smudges and fingermarks. It definitely makes a big difference to the lenses and the life of the glasses.

Excellent blue blocking glasses

I haven't seen blue blocking glasses like these anywhere. These are crisp. They look great. They feel great. And most importantly, they work.

Good blue blocking glasses

I wanted a pair of blue blocking glasses because I'm always on my computer late at night. And even when I get in bed I go on my phone. I liked these ones because they block 99% of all of the blue light, which is important when you are about to go to sleep or up really late. Wearing my blue blockers has become a part of my healthy nightly routine. Everyone should wear them before bed if they're on their computers and phones.

Looks great!

I wear these while at work and they definitely make staring at my computer all day easier. Happy I got them :)

High quality

High quality blue blocking glasses. Love the look. Love the style. Love the feel. 5 stars. Would recommend.

Big ups to Cryptorays

Dope glasses. These ones block all the blue light which is crucial for your health when it's late at night.

Really glad I got these

Needed a pair of blue blockers because night mode on my phone and f.lux on my computer wasn't cutting it. Got these and now I get to be on my computer at night without it screwing up my sleep. The best part about these though is how when I wear them in bed at night and my phone goes off, I can check it without getting the blue light piercing my eyes because these block 99.9% of the blue light. It makes a big difference especially in that situation of checking my phone when I'm in bed which happens almost every night

Blue light blocking glasses

I'm on my computer every day and check my phone way too often (don't we all). Anyway, I noticed my eyes would feel strained so I started wearing Cryptorays and I gotta say I just feel more comfortable like my eyes are more relaxed and it's easier to stare at my computer screen when I wear these. So two thumbs up!

Sick glasses

These glasses are sick. The orange lenses really stand out against the black metal frame. Super sharp look to them and high quality.

Wear them every night!

These are the best looking blue blocking glasses i’ve come across. They’re high quality, look great, and most importantly, they work! I get noticeably more tired when I wear these at night compared to when I don’t, which makes me think my melatonin must be working :)

Happy I got them!

Needed a pair of blue blockers. Looked at a few different options. Bought these. I wear them everyday and I'm really happy I got them.

Better Sleep And Relaxed Eyes

I am extremely happy that I got a pair of these night style cryptorays. Most of my creativity happens between 10pm and 2am, which means I'm on my laptop around those times. I choose the night style because they block 100% of the blue light. At night, you're not supposed to have any blue light exposure. These have enabled me to work late at night, then shut everything down and fall asleep fast. Would recommend for anyone who's on their computer late at night without much time before shutting it down and going to sleep.

Really love them!

These glasses help me so much! I probably spend a good 10 hours a day in front of my computer working on blockchain related projects. When I wear my Cryptorays I feel more relaxed and can work for longer periods of time without getting the draining fatigue I used to experience. Every developer needs a pair.

Wonderful blue blocking glasses

These glasses have been a life saver! I wear mine for about 8 hours every day while I'm at work and then at night when I'm in bed looking at my phone (mostly insta). I'm really happy that I know I'm doing something that is helping me be healthier. :)

Actually helps a lot

The difference I feel from when I wear these glasses and when I don't wear them is actually amazing. I literally feel my body getting more tired at night when I wear cryptorays and I fall asleep like a rock. My girlfriend also really likes them. So I guess I'm going to get one for my girlfriend now also lol

Solid glasses

ok so I'm basically in front of screens all day and night. I'm a developer and I trade crypto on the side. I also play video games when I get some free time (which isn't a lot). I've seen the science behind blue light and understand that if you want to have better energy balance and higher quality sleep you should wear glasses that block blue light. I opted for Cryptorays because I liked the name and the style. Now that I have the glasses I can say that the quality is really good. They're not $500 frames or anything, but I they're worth the price. Would buy again.

Much needed relief!

I got the night styles because I have to be on my computer from around 8-12pm 4 to 5 days a week. I knew how bad blue light was for you but never got a pair of blue blockers before these. These are really good! I'm definitely happy I finally got a pair. Honestly my sleep has just been better since I started wearing these at night. If you're on your computer or phone at night you should definitely get a pair.

Thank you so much for the kind review Jessica! We're on our computers at 8 - 12pm too so we know how you feel. Happy to hear your sleep has improved! ~ Louis
Great Glasses!

Firstly, the package it came in was awesome. The glasses are good quality and look good, so no complaints from me. I'll probably get the day style too

Yesss! Thanks Andrea! We worked really hard to come up with an awesome package! Stoked to hear you liked it :) ~ Louis
5 Stars!

They look good, feel good on my face, and my eyes feel more relaxed when I wear them. Big win for Cryptorays!

I'd say that's a Triple Win! Keep winning! ~Louis
Amazing glasses that work

I got the Classic Pros Day style first, which helped with my sore eyes from being in front of my computer all day. I decided to get the night style after because they're supposed to help with sleep more. And I gotta say I think they are really helping! Sometimes I actually get too tired at night and want to stay up longer lol. I like how they're supposed to regulate your body's sleep cycle, which is something I think we all can use a little help with lol

Thank you so much for getting the day style AND the night style. You're optimizing your circadian rhythm to the max! Now just need to work on getting to bed a little earlier lol. Thanks Eric, Louis
Love my blue blockers

Great product super comfy and stylish as well :-) Definitely sleeping better since wearing them

We're glad you love them! Awesome that you're sleeping better too! :) Keep rocking! ~ Louis
Better than Flux

I've had flux installed on my computer for years and highly recommend it. With Cryptorays though, you not only drown out all of the blue light from your computer, but you eliminate all of the blue light exposure from your phone, office lights, refrigerator, bathroom lights, etc. etc. This makes for a drastically improved experience. Glad I upgraded to glasses.

This is EXACTLY why we created Cryptorays! We had flux on our computers too, but that doesn't help when you grab something out of the fridge at night, or have your lights on in your room or bathroom, or check your phone. We're glad you upgraded too! Thanks, Louis
Great for traders

I got into trading and crypto just two years ago and didn't realize how spending that much time in front of my computer was actually hurting my eyes and my sleep until I found out about blue light and the harm that it causes. Being a trader and crypto researcher, Cryptorays were the obvious choice for me. As soon as I put them on my eyes feel more relaxed. Would recommend!

BOOM! We love crypto and are so happy to hear that other people in the crypto community are loving Cryptorays! Thanks! Louis
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