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Cute Glasses!

Super cute! I wear these glasses all the time. They're so light sometimes I forget I'm even wearing them lol

Calibers in Ocean Reef
Jacob Robillard

These glasses are so effective especially for me, as a student who currently works remotely in front of a screen. I frequently wear a pair of these to prevent eye and head aching.

Wear them everywhere

These glasses are so nice I don't even take them off when I get off of work. And I've gotten so many compliments on them. I wear contacts that sometimes bother me but these glasses seem to make my eyes more at ease and my contacts haven't really been an issue since getting them.

Best Blue Blockers Out There

As a digital marketer I'm on my computer 24/7 and let me tell you that my Cryptorays have made my job so much more pleasurable. I used to be forced to take breaks because my eyes would get so sore. Now I take breaks when I want to because my eyes are relaxed even after hours in front of the screen. 5 stars for Cryptorays.

Amazing glasses!

I finally found the solution to the headaches & eye strain I've been experiencing. It's literally gone. I have to work on laptop for more than 8 hours everyday and it was taking its toll. Cryptorays are eye savers.

High Quality And Really Stylish!

Love the style of these glasses! I wear them all the time and have been asked where I got them on multiple occasions.

Way Better Sleep

I started wearing the night style Cryptorays an hour or two before bed and since then my sleep has gotten so much better. There's a noticeable difference when I wear them.

Love Them!

These glasses feel great. They look great. And they work. I feel more tired at night and can fall asleep better when I finally get to bed. 10/10 would recommend!

No more digital eyestrain!

I used to get headaches and sore eyes after a long day of working in front of the computer. Now I can work for hours with no headaches and my eyes still feel nice and relaxed. These glasses not only work super well but they look amazing and the quality is there too. Even the packaging was really nice. I could not be happier with my purchase.

Excellent Blue Blocking Glasses

I haven't seen blue blocking glasses like these anywhere. The two-toned style of the Calibers in Ocean Reef has gotten me tons of compliments. The quality is outstanding. Really happy with my purchase.

Love my glasses!

Stylish and great quality. I wear my cryptorays when I'm studying or playing around on Ableton and never have any eyestrain or headaches.

Way Better Sleep!

Being a flight attendant can definitely take a toll on your sleep. I got these to try to do something to help my hectic sleep schedule, and I'm so glad I did! I wear these every time I know I need higher quality sleep and can tell a difference!

Sick Shades For Better Sleep

Really cool glasses. I got them to help with sleep because I'm always scrolling on my phone at night and they've definitely helped improve my sleep.

Great Glasses!

Love the frames! I wear my cryptorays every day and they make my eyes so much more relaxed!

Stylish And Cute!

These glasses fit great and definitely help with eye-strain. Love the look and quality of my Cryptorays!

Got the whole fam wearing them!

I got one pair for me and 1 for each of my kids too since they're always on their ipads. They love the orange color and think it's the coolest thing.

Got the whole fam wearing them!

I got one pair for me and 1 for each of my kids too since they're always on their ipads. They love the orange color and think it's the coolest thing.

Caliber in Stripe Grey (Limited Edition)
Charlie N.
Optimizing Sleep And Performance

As a pro baseball player I'm always on my phone and laptop late at night (and early in the morning) when going to games. Being an athlete I'm always looking for an edge and know how important sleep health is to performance. After seeing some other players wearing Cryptorays I decided to get a pair for me and my gf. I'm glad I did! They're great glasses! High quality and super stylish!

Perfect computer glasses!

Cryptorays are the perfect glasses for working long days in front of the computer. They look great, they're comfortable, and they help reduce eye strain and headaches. Super happy with them :)

My Trading Glasses

I use Cryptorays to get in the zone. When I put them on that's my cue to sit down in front of my computer, focus and put my trades in. They've become part of my "work ritual" to help shift my mind into "work/trade mode."

Helps tremendously with sleep

I run a company that deals with sleep health and know that more people need help with sleep today than ever. I can't recommend Cryptorays enough to help get more restful and rejuvenating sleep. You'll feel a noticeable difference the first night.

Love Cryptorays!

I love the style and colors of these! I feel calmer when I put them on and notice a big difference in my eyes!

Elite Pros Night Style
Block blue light and feel amazing!

These are seriously good glasses. It's so important to protect ourselves from harmful blue light wavelengths. That's why I wear my Cryptorays every day. I feel more energized and focused when I wear them. They're sleek and I love how I look. I use them as another biohacking tool to increase my performance and have been loving them so far!

Awesome Glasses!

These glasses are amazing! They have a really cool look to them. And I can tell they're higher quality too. All my buddies want a pair. 5 stars all the way for Cryptorays!

Talk about quality!

I liked my first pair of Cryptorays so much that when these new styles came out I had to get them! These are the best quality blue blocking glasses I've seen so far (and I've had a lot)! The two-toned color is amazingly stylish. I'm getting tons of compliments. Blue blocking glasses are so essential for everyone now a days since we spend so much time online — on our phones and computers. I’ve personally experienced a serious boost of energy and mood elevation now that I wear these all day long. I see these as the armor I use to defend myself against these computer visual frequencies that suck the life out of everyone. Cryptorays are a must have!