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Classic Pros Day Style
Classic Pros Day Style
Classic Pros Day Style
Classic Pros Day Style
Classic Pros Day Style

Classic Pros Day Style

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blue blocking glasses

 Whether you're a trader, developer, gamer, photographer, graphic designer, social media marketer, or simply on your computer and phone all day, the Classic Pros will improve your sleep, balance your hormones, reduce or eliminate eye strain, and help with everything from weight loss to memory retention. If you're on your computer and phone all day and night, the Classic Pros by Cryptorays are game-changers.


Protect Your Eyes, Improve Your Sleep, Perform At Your Best.

Short Description

  • Scratch proof acetate frames for enhanced comfort and durability.
  • Black wood-grain finished wayfarer design for exceptional style.
  • Industry leading CR-39 anti blue-light technology to eliminate eye-strain, eye-fatigue, and blue-light induced headaches, plus improve sleep quality and focus. UV400 technology protects you from 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB light.





    Look Great

    The Classic Pros are stylish, wide framed glasses with a custom black wood grain finish.

    Whether you're at the office or at the coffee shop, you'll look great rocking the classic pros. It's no wonder these are our most popular glasses!

    Sleep Better And Have More Focus!

    In a Harvard study, researchers found that blue-light exposure suppresses melatonin nearly twice as much as other wavelengths. They also found that blue light shifted the participants circadian rhythms by twice as much compared to other colors of similar brightness.

    The Classic Pros by Cryptorays block harmful blue light with their CR-39 and UV400 anti blue-light technology, enabling you to work on your phone and computer for longer periods of time without eye-fatigue or eye-strain. 

    By blocking the blue light from your screens, you will experience improved sleep quality and reduced or eliminated eye-strain, headaches and other blue-light related problems that come from staring at screens for too long without protection. 

    Improve your workflow, be more focused, and get more done with Cryptorays.

    Available in both the night version with orange lenses and the day version with clear lenses.


    blue blocking glassesblue blocking glasses

    blue blocking glasses



    • We guarantee you will level up your sleep and health by blocking harmful blue light from your electronic devices
    • Wearing the Night version of Cryptorays at least an hour before bedtime leaves you free to check your phone and computer without ruining your sleep
    • Wear when working on computers or gaming to stop sore eyes + headaches
    • Great as an anti-jet lag tool 
    • With their UV protection, you can wear them while outside as replacements for sunglasses
    • Designed for supreme comfort, even when worn for long periods of time
    • Try them risk free with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee


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    Q: What's the difference between the "DAY" and "NIGHT" versions of the glasses?

    A: The "NIGHT" version has orange lenses that block close to 100% of harmful blue light. Blue light blocks your sleep hormone melatonin, so you want to block all blue light at night so your body makes sufficient melatonin and you fall asleep faster and experience improved sleep. The "NIGHT" versions are best worn a few hours before bed up to right before you put your phone down and fall asleep. 

    Blue light tells your body that it's daytime. That's why you don't want to expose yourself to lots of blue light at night. Having some blue light exposure during the day, while the sun is still up, is healthy. The problem is that we as a society are getting way too much because we're always on our computers and phones. This leads to headaches, eye strain, and poor sleep. 

    Since you want some blue light exposure during the day, the "DAY" version has clear lenses that block up to 40% of the blue light. This allows you to reduce eye strain, headaches, and other blue-light related complications while still getting in a healthy amount of blue light during the day. 

    By eliminating blue light exposure at night and limiting blue light exposure during the day to a healthy amount, you will help your body re-establish healthy sleep-wake cycles. 

    QCan you use these with contact lenses?

    A: It is perfectly fine to use Cryptorays with your contact lenses.

    Q: Can you wear them outside during the day?

    A: Yes! Cryptorays are UV protected. Many people wear Cryptorays in place of sunglasses.

    Q: Can I wear these glasses over reading glasses?

    A: You can, but it might be a little uncomfortable to wear two pairs of glasses at one time. Currently we don't have any fitovers.

    Q: Do these come with instructions about the best way to use them to get better quality sleep?

    A: We recommend wearing Cryptorays any time you are using digital devices such as phones, tablets, computers, or TVs for extended periods. This will prevent digital eye strain. We strongly recommend wearing your Cryptorays at least one hour before bedtime to stop artificial blue light disrupting your sleep. Some customers report better results putting the glasses on even earlier before bed.

    Experience relaxed eyes and better sleep today!

    Express Checkout Classic Pros Day Style (click image)
    blue blocking glasses

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Looks great!

    I wear these while at work and they definitely make staring at my computer all day easier. Happy I got them :)

    Really love them!

    These glasses help me so much! I probably spend a good 10 hours a day in front of my computer working on blockchain related projects. When I wear my Cryptorays I feel more relaxed and can work for longer periods of time without getting the draining fatigue I used to experience. Every developer needs a pair.

    Solid glasses

    ok so I'm basically in front of screens all day and night. I'm a developer and I trade crypto on the side. I also play video games when I get some free time (which isn't a lot). I've seen the science behind blue light and understand that if you want to have better energy balance and higher quality sleep you should wear glasses that block blue light. I opted for Cryptorays because I liked the name and the style. Now that I have the glasses I can say that the quality is really good. They're not $500 frames or anything, but I they're worth the price. Would buy again.

    5 Stars!

    They look good, feel good on my face, and my eyes feel more relaxed when I wear them. Big win for Cryptorays!

    I'd say that's a Triple Win! Keep winning! ~Louis

    Love these glasses. They're stylish and comfortable, and I notice relief with my eyes when I wear them. Overall I'm happy with my purchase.

    Awesome to hear that Amanda! Thanks so much! ~ Louis